2018 ELD Delay Extended Until at least December 7, 2018 

Following up on yesterday’s coverage of the ELD delay effort, Congress, currently unable to pass a spending package that would include the 2019 ELD delay, instead opted to pass H.R. 6157 which would provide roughly $850 billion in defense, labor, health and human services, and education appropriations. It includes a continuing resolution that would extend funding for those agencies not covered by completed appropriations bills (including agriculture and transportation) through December 7, 2018. The President has said he will sign this bill package to avert a shutdown.

This continuing resolution will continue current programs and funding, which means the 2018 ELD exemption for livestock haulers is still in place until December 7, 2018.  At that point, Congress will either do another extension or pass the 2019 spending package, which includes the ELD delay for livestock haulers, leaving these haulers exempt from ELD use until September 30, 2019.