You protect the producer, and we’re here to protect you for generations to come!

The sale of livestock is a big business and with all business comes risk.  LMA PAYS assists LMA members in protecting their interests as well as their consignors’ by staying up-to-date about the trade reputation and financial responsibility of their buyers. LMA PAYS is a membership service that provides various financial risk management solutions to manage, mitigate and transfer risk from a possible buyer default.

LMA PAYS provides the following products and services to assist in protecting your auction market:

Buyer Registration and Consent Agreement (BRCA)

Customized Market/Dealer Form-Contract between market and buyer that provides financial safeguards for your livestock auction market.

Verification of Deposit (VOD) Bank Inquiry Process (Utilizing BRCA)

Determines buyer’s financial responsibility to pay for livestock purchases. Click here to review best practices and strategies for VOD Inquiry processing!

Business Alerts

Notification to members of buyer default, fraudulent activity, insufficient payment received and returned deposit items.

Custom Market/Dealer Forms

 Individualized forms to manage, mitigate and transfer risk from possible buyer default.


Assess buyer base and analyze buyer risk profile.

Contact a PAYS Information Officer:

Email: riskmitigation@LMAWeb.com
Fax: 816-891-7108
Phone: 800-821-2048