Animal Handling

The safe and appropriate handling of all livestock is of the utmost importance to the Livestock Marketing Association and its members. For nearly three decades, LMA has provided a wide variety of animal handling, educational and training materials available to the livestock marketing industry.

Proper animal handling protects the overall health and value of livestock while creating a safe working environment for employees. To see if your practices are in compliance with established LMA guidelines, please see the resources below.

LMA Guide to Animal Handling

Animal Handling Self Assessment Tool

LMA Animal Handling Video Modules

Module 1 – “Begin the Discussion”
Module 2 – “Introduction to Animal Handling”
Module 3 – “Managing Your Risk”
Module 4 – “LMA Guidelines and Self Assessment”
Module 5 – “Animal Handling in Your Marketing Business”
Module 6 – “Livestock Working Surfaces and Working with Gates”
Module 7 – “Handling Injured or Disabled Animals”
Module 8 – “Handling Non-Ambulatory Animals”
Module 9 – “Safe and Responsible Euthanasia”