Beef Sustainability Framework, Public Feedback Requested: LMA Members Encouraged to Review

The U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (USRSB) have released the updated Sustainability Framework for a second round of feedback.  The public comment periods is open until December 20. It is encourage all LMA Members take a moment to review the auction sector content on pages 45-54 (lines 1435-1804).LMA Members can link to the online document and comment form here –

LMA joined the roundtable in 2015 as part of the producer constituency. The Membership Services Committee and Board approved membership to the Roundtable to ensure that the interests of the auctions were represented at the table with those of producer organizations, packing, retail and civil society.   The LMA is the only organization that exclusively represents the interest of the livestock marketing sector.  The LMA’s exclusive presence representing the auctions is exactly why leadership at the time joined the Roundtable.  If conversations about the beef supply chain and the future of the U.S. beef industry were taking place, it was important to assure that the auctions were a part of that conversation.

The Membership Services Committee over these past three years have composed and edited the auction sector framework which is a set of voluntary educational resources intended to make auction businesses stronger by seeking out opportunities for improvement in the areas of Water Resources, Animal Health and Well Being and Employee Safety and Well Being.  You’ll notice that all of the other sectors include guidance on Land Resources, Air and Greenhouse Gas Emissions  and Efficiency and Yield.  The LMA has been successful in our position that those additional areas would not be an appropriate fit to evaluate or measure at the auction level due to the nature of the business.

If you have questions or would like more information please contact Kristen Parman, Vice President Membership Services, at (816) 891-0502 or