Bred Cow Special

Monday, November 13th,2017
Bred Cow Special
And the K2 Red Angus Production Sale
Starting at 9:00 am MDT with Weigh-ups; Breds to Sell at Noon

Cattle Country Video
Mountain Valley Livestock 102 Angus Hfrs. 2 or 3 Bwf/Blk Broc. 1050 lbs
– 73 hd are AId to Connealy Comrade or Jorgensen Ranches Ideal 4223 or 1168. Heat detected and Bred on May 30 & 31 & June 1. CF: March 10th.
– 29 hd are Pasture Bred to Low Birth Wt Hfr Blk Bulls. CF: March 10th for 30 days
On April 14th Hfrs had BoviShield Gold FP5 VL5, MultiMin, Ivermectin Pour on and Safeguard. Ultrsounded on August 24 and will be tested again before change of ownership and will be poured with Ivermectin. Delivery: 11/27/17 to 12/2/17. Late morning delivery. Extremely Fancy, High Maternal Bred Heifers. Summered at 8000 ft. Closed Herd Source. Home Raised

K2 Red Angus Production Sale
K2 Red Angus 120 Red Angus Hfrs, AId & Bull Bred, CF: Feb. 20 & March 15 Will be sorted by AI & Bull bred dates (100 Solid Red and 20 Baldy /Brockles)
****20 Red Angus Cows, Mx Ages, AId Bred, CF: Feb, (mostly AId)
****25 Red Angus Bulls, 18 months old, Summer Born, Many full ET brothers
All are Home Raised, High Elevation, Bulls are PAP Tested

Bred Cows
Herman Livestock 180 Blk/Bwf Cows, 1200-1400#, Complete Dispersal of Spring calving cows, 2 yr olds to ST (Majority is 5-7 yr olds), Bred to Blk & Char Bulls, CF: Mar. 10, Nice set of Cows, Not pampered

Southern Cross 120 F 1 Cross (BWF) Cows, ST, Bred to Blk Simm Bulls, CF: April/May

Matt Weber 90 Blk Cows, Mx Ages, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: Mx

Arrow Crown Angus 60 Registered Blk Cows, 2-7 yr olds, Bred to Schaffs & Hinmans Registered Blk Bulls, CF: Feb 20th thru April, Been a Modified Live Vac. Program & Scourguard Program, Good Feet and Udders, Weaned 600-700# calves this year. (Note:A Reduction of Registered Cow Herd and Papers are available upon request for $200.00)

CK Cattle/Chris Burrows 56 Red Angus Cows, 3-10 yr olds, Bred to Red Angus Bulls, CF: May/June, Shots: Vision 7, Vista Once, Express PH+VL5

Steve or Sue Hays 55 Blk/Bwf Cows, 7, 8, 9 yr olds, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: Mid Feb., Complete Vac. Program, (Note: Ochsner Origin and weaned off 623# calves in Sept.)

Reverse ED Livestock 53 Blk/Rd Cows, Mx Ages, Bred to Blk/Rd Angus Bulls, CF: March/April/May

Sims Cattle Company LLC 52 Angus-x Cows, 1100#, Mx Ages, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: May 1 for 60 days, Home Raised Angus x Gelb. X Sim

Milton Moffett 52 Blk Cows, ST, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: April/May, Shots: Vira Shield 4+VL5, A&D Vit., Poured

Mountain Valley Livestock 50 Blk Cows, ST, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: March 20 for 42 days, Complete Vac. Program but No Shots This Fall, (Note: Strs calves consistently weighed 575-630# at weaning)

Sandstone Ranches 45 Mx Cows, Running Ages, Bred to Low Birth Weight Blk Angus Bulls, CF: April 15 for 60 days

Johnson Brothers 40 Blk/Bwf Cows, ST, Bred to Blk or Hereford Bulls, CF: April/May

Pat Wade 35 Blk/Bwf Cows, 1350#, ST few SS, Bred to Blk Angus Bulls, CF: March 1

Randy Jahn 35 Blk/Bwf/RD Cows, 2s, 3s, 4 yr olds ( 2- 5s), Bred to Sons of Hoover Dam, CF: March 15, Shots: Vira Shield 6+VL5, Vit A&D, Poured Oct 7

L Reverse S Ranch 31 Blk/Rd Angus Cows, Running Ages ( 5 8 yr olds), Bred to Hereford Bulls, CF: March 10 for 60 days

Dennis & Dan Vetter 30 Blk/Bwf Cows, 4 yr olds to ST, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: April 1, Spring Shots: Pregguard 9, Home Raised

L & A Farms 30 Mx Cows, SM-ST, Bred to Blk Bulls, CFD: March 1, Full Vac. Program in the Spring

Jim Carmin 30 Blk Angus Cows, ST, Bred to Blk Angus Bulls, CF: March 20th

Edwards Ranch 27 Blk Cows, Majority are 4 to SM, Bred to Reyes or Weaver Blk Angus Bulls, CF: April 1 for 50 days, All Spring Shots

Jacobsen Ranch Inc. 25 Blk/Rd Cows, SM to ST, Bred to Blk Angus or Blk Simm-x Bulls, CF: Jan 10 for 90 days, Complete Live Vac. Program but NO Shots this Fall, ADM Mineral Program (Note: 5 head were AId 4/3-4/10; Angus or Sim Bjulls, Records upon request)

Diane & Willie Matheson 21 Blk Cows, Bred to Leachman Composite Low PAP Bulls, CF: April/May, Complete Modified Live Program

Ryker Hyche 20 Blk Cows, 3 & 4 yr olds, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: April 1st, Shots: Bovi-Shield Gold VL5

TRH Ranch Inc. 20 Blk Cows, ST, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: March 25th for 60 days, 1-iron

Bob Whitlock 18 Mx Cows, ST, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: MX

George Ochsner & Sons 16 Registered Angus Cows, 13 hd Coming 3 yr olds; 3 hdcoming 4 yr olds, Bred to Hereford Bull, CF: Feb. 25 to April 10th, Complete Vac. Program: Bovi-Shield Gold 5FPL5, Guardian, Poured w/Cleanup

Wayne & Kathy Tatman 9 Blk/Bwf Cows, 1250#, Mx Ages, Bred to Ochsner Angus Bulls, CF: April

Flat Iron Ranch 6 Red Angus Cows, 1300#, 4 yr olds, Bred to Redemption Red Angus Bulls, CF: March 10 for 45 days, Spring Shots: PreGuard, Poured

Bremer Land & Cattle 3 Blk/Rd Cows, 1400#, Mx Ages, Bred to Blk Angus/Simm Bulls, CF: Feb. 1, Spring Shots: PregGuard 10, Guardian

Bred Heifers
Sidwell Hereford/Bryan & Linda 118 Blk Heifers, 1050-1100#, Bred to Calving Ease L 1 Home Raised Hereford Bulls, CF: Feb. 10 or 50 days, Shots: Cattle Master VL5, Vision 7-way w/Somnus, Ivomec Pour On

Park Range Ranch/Johnny Schmidt 80 Angus/Simm-x Hfrs, 900-950#, Bred to Lucky 7 Angus Hfr Bulls, CF: April 1 to April 15, Shots: CD/Wormed, (Note: Bulls used are high Elevation PAP Tested Bulls, Hfrs have been running at 8500 on hard grass country, sage and Roacks and some bottom meadows, they have been on a mineral program, All good feet and hearty

Farner Cattle Co. 46 Rd/Rwf Hfrs, Bred to Arrow Crown Cattle Co or Kerbs Low Birth Weight Blk Angus Bulls, CF: March 10 for 42 days, 1-iron, High Elevation, Hfrs originated from the Berry Ranch, Ultra-sounded on Oct. 2

Brian Zerbe 40 Blk Hfrs, 950-1050#, Bred to Low Birth Weight Zumbrennen Blk Angus Bulls, CF: March 1 for 45 days, Shots as Calves: Bovi-Shield Gold, Vision 7, Pasteurella, Shots as Yearlings: PreGuard, Ivomec, Bangs Vac.

Lindsey Arnold 34 Blk few Bwf Hfrs, Bred to Doug & Dudley Booth Bulls, CF: Feb. 20th, Shots: Vira Shield 6+VL5, 1st Shot of Scour Guard, Poured, 1-iron, Home Raised

Bryan & Martha Warner 5 Hereford (1Blk) Hfrs, Bred to Low Birth Weight Calving Ease Hoffman Hereford Bull, CF: March, Current on all Shots, Bangs Vac., Safe Guard, Ivomectin, (Note: Copy of Registered Bull Papers is in the office)

Ron Shoults 2 Fall Cow Pairs, Coming 5 yr & 9 yr olds, Tagged to Match, Calves born in Sept.

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  • : Torrington
  • : Wyoming
  • : 11/13/2017
  • : Torrington Livestock Markets