Bred Cow Special

Friday, April 6th, 2018
All Classes & Bred cow & Pairs
Starting at 9:00 am MDT with Weigh-ups

TTT Ranch 225 Blk Angus Hfrs, 1000#, Bred to Sons of Connealy Countdown Low Birth Weight Bulls, CF: May/June, Shots: Vira Shield 6+VL5 & Poured in the Fall & Spring, Home Raised, Not Pampered, Wintered on Pasture and Hay Supplement with Vitlix Tubs

H & H Ranches Inc. 135 Blk/Bwf Cows, Mostly 3-4 yr olds few 5 yr olds, Bred to Vermillion Blk Angus Bulls, CF: April-May few Summer/Fall

Triple C Hay Farm LLC/Formerly Three Quarter Box C/Cope Co. 33 Blk Cows, Mx Ages, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: Now
****23 Blk Cow Pairs, Mx Ages, Tagged to Match
All are Home Raised, 1-iron, Shots: C& D, Scour Guard

Bremer Land & Cattle 50 Blk Cows, 1300#, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: April/May
****4 Blk Hfrs, 1200#, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: April/May

Rock Creek Ranch 30 Mx Cows, SM-ST, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: April 15 for 75 days, Shots: Vira Shield 6+VL5 this fall

Sidwell Hay & Cattle 26 Blk/Bwf few Rd Cow Pairs, 3 & 4 yr olds, Tagged to Match, Calves Sired by Simental Bulls few Char Bulls, Calved: Mid-Feb-March 31

Jennifer Scheer 25 Blk Cows, ST, Bred to Hereford Bulls, CF: Now for 55 days, Current on all Shots

Roy Jarrard 22 Blk Hfrs, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: April/May

Sombero Butte 20 Blk/Rd/Char-x Cow Pairs, SM few SS, Tagged to Match

Joe & Jolene Phillips 16 Blk/Bwf Cows, SM, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: April/May few Fall

Mario Pitts 11 Mx Cows, Mx Ages, CF: March thru June

Addie Roberts 9 Char/Char-x Cows, Mx Ages, Bred to Char Bulls, CF: Now (Note: Could be pairs by sale day)

Thomas Rardin 4 Hereford Cows, Young (coming with 2nd calf), Bred to Blk Angus Bulls, CF: June
****3 Blk/Bwf Cows, 4-8 yr olds, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: Mx

Stuart & Linda McLaen 6 Red Angus Cows, Mx Ages, Bred to Red Angus Bulls, CF: May

Patrick Bros. 6 Red Angus Hfrs, Bred to Red Angus Bulls, CF: May

Frontier Land Co. 5 Blk Cow Pairs, ST, Calves at side: 150-180#

Mike Walker 1 Blk Hfr, Bred to Reg. Ochsner Blk Angus Bull, CF: Aug.

Frontier Land Co. 12 Mx Strs

Roger Haefele 6 BlkAngus Strs & Hfrs, 600#, Weaned in Nov., Hay Fed, 2 Rounds of Shots: Vira Shield 6, 7-way, Hfrs are Guarantee Open
****1 Blk Angus Bull Calf, 500#, Weaned on Nov., Hay Fed, 2 Rounds of Shots: Vira Shield 6, 7-way

Joan Neumiller 12 Blk/Red Str, 600-650#, Weaned, May-June Calves, Branding Shots: 7 way and 6 way, Knife Cut, All Natural

Tim Ash 3 Mx Strs & Hfrs, 650#

All Natural Weighups
Tim Ash 3 Blk Cows

Frontier Land Co. 15 Mx Cows/Hfretts
TTT Ranch 10 Mx Bulls
Zumbrunnen Angus 9 Blk Cows
Mike Wollert 6 Mx Cows
Lazy D Farms 4 Mx Cows
William Clark 3 Mx Cows
Roger Haefele 2 Blk Angus Cow/Bull

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  • : Torrington
  • : Wyoming
  • : 04/06/2018
  • : Torrington Livestock Markets