Bred Cow Special

Friday, April 2, 2021
All Classes & Bred Cow Special
Starting at 9:00 am MDT with Weigh-ups;
breds to sell at approximately Noon

We will be Auctioning off a set of Spur Straps made and donated by
Gary Gotfredson right before the Bred Cows.
Proceeds will be Donated to the Wyoming Cattlewomen.

Padlock Ranch 192 Mostly Blk, 2 Broc, 4 Red Cows, 1275-1375#; Bred to Leachman Composite Bulls, Ultrasounded to CF: August 20 for 70 days, Modified Live Vac, Full Vac Program, Home Raised, One Iron Reputable Cows, Ages: 48 hd 3 yr olds; 100 hd 4 yr olds; 18 hd 5 yr olds; 19 hd 6 yr olds; 13 hd 7 yr olds; 16 hd 8 yr olds Video Preview on Home Page
Painted Rock Ranch 150 Blk/Bwf Cows, 1200-1300#, Mostly 4-6 yr olds few 3 yr olds, Bred to Horned Herefords or Blk Angus Bulls, CF: May/June, Complete Vac. Program
William Hill & Family 130 Blk Heifers, 900-1000#, Bred to Low Birth Weight Blk Angus Bulls, CF: April 15 for 60 days, Home Raised
Lungren Land & Cattle 100 Blk Cows, Mx Ages, Bred to Lucky 7 Angus, Redland Angus, Paintrock Angus, Klein Angus, CF: May/June, 1-Iron, Home Raised, Shots in Jan/Feb: Bovi-Shield Gold FP, Injectable Dectomax, Poured w/Clean-up
Lynn Cowden /LFC Ranch 97 Blk Cows, Bred to Blk or Hereford Bulls, CF: April-May, Ages: 60 hd 3 yr olds (Redland Blk Angus Genetics); 37 hd Solid Mouth, Shots: Vibro/Leptro, Dectomax Injectable (2x), Poured w/Clean-up (2x), No ScourGuard Shot Video Preview on Home Page
Spencer Rule 70 Red Angus Cows, Mx Ages, Bred to Red Angus Bulls, CF: May/June, Current on all Shots, Home Raised, Selling only due to Late calving (do not meet their calving period program)
****1 Red Angus Cow Pair, SS, Bangs Vac.
Cole Creek Sheep 52 Blk Cows, Running Ages (3-9 yr olds), Bred to Registered Blk Angus Bulls, CF: Late May to Late June, Shots Received in Nov.: Lepto/Vibro, Vit. A & D, ScourBoss, Pour On
Heinrich Livestock 29 Blk Hfrs, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: April 25 for 40 days, Bangs Vac., Home Raised
****17 Red Hfrs, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: April 5 for 45 days, Bangs Vac., Home Raised
Kurt Barker 40 Mostly Blk few Bwf Cows, SM, Bred to Char Bulls, CF: May 18 for 21 days, Complete Vac. Program, 2nd Guardian Shot on March 26
77 Ranch/Bud Reed 37 Red/Rwf few Hereford Cows, 8-12 yr olds, Bred to Mostly Red Angus Bulls few Hereford Bulls, CF: April 1 for 45 days, Home Raised
Burford Industries 33 Blk Cows, 4 yr olds to SM, Bred to Booth Angus Bulls or Hebbert Char Bulls, CF: May/June, PregGuard 10, Guardian ScourGuard, Ivermec Pour On
Table Mountain LLC 31 Mx Cows, ST, Bred to Lucky 7 Blk Angus Bulls, CF: April 15th
Bunker Ranch 18 Blk Cows, Mx Ages, Bred to Reyes Blk Bulls, CF: Now to June 1, Complete Vac. Program
Tyler Morgan Estate % Debbie Morgan 10 Blk/Bwf Cows, 10-13 yr olds, Bred to Schuhmacher Ranch Blk Bulls, CF: May 7 for 50 days, Running out on pasture supplemented with Hay as needed, On a Year-round Vitalix Mineral Program, Been on a Complete Modified Live Vac. Program for 5 years, Shots in the Fall-2020: Express 5 VL5, Poured w/Clean-up
Zach & Kelsey Johnson 8 Red Angus/Hereford Cows, Mx Ages, Bred to Jeff Ward Hereford Bulls, CF: April 15 for 50 days, Complete Vac. Program, Poured w/Clean-up, Booster Shot on March 26: 7-way
Emerick Huber 6 Blk/Rd Cows, Complete Dispersal, Mx Ages, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: May/June, Complete Vac. Program, Poured last fall
Lisco Angus 2 Blk Cows, Mx Ages, Bred to Blk Bull, CF: Now
****1 Blk Cow Pair

Jerry West 15 Mx Strs & Hfrs
Ruben Ritthaler 1 Blk Str
Collard Ranch 2 Mx Str/Hfr

Dunmire Ranch 71 Blk/Bwf Hfretts, 1050-1250#,Open 2 yr olds
9 H Ranch/Cody Humphrey 70 Mx Cows
Shepard Farms 40 Mx Cows
Wytah 22 Mx Cows
Spencer Rule 20 Blk/Rd Cows
Paint Rock Ranch 20 Blk/Rd Cows
Fitzhugh Ranch 16 Red Cows
Bunker Ranch 10 Mx Cows, Open
Iberlin Ranch 9 Mx Bulls
Terry Brant 8 Red Cows
Country View Ranch 8 Mx Hfretts
Pete Harrison 6 Mx Cows
Collard Ranch 6 Mx Cows
R & P Farms 4 Mx Cows
Craig Martin 2 Mx Bulls

Check out for more consignments and to view sales and bid online!!!

  • : Torrington
  • : Wyoming
  • : 04/02/2021
  • : Torrington Livestock