Bred Cow/Heifer Special

Friday, March 2nd,2018
Bred Cow Special
Starting at 9:00 am MDT with Weigh-ups ;
Breds to Sell at Approx. Noon

Bred Cows & Heifers
33 Livestock 200 Blk/Bwf Cows, Few Rd/Rwf, 3-5 yr olds, Bred to Blk Bulls, maybe one Rd Bull, CF: White Tags: March-April Blue Tags: May-June

J & G Partnership 175 Red Angus Cows, Complete Dispersal of Older Cows, Mostly SS-ST, Bred to Hebbert Char Bulls, Bulls turn in June 1 for 60 days, Shots this Fall: Vira Shield 6+VL5, Vit.A, Poured, Running out on Cornstalks and other Crop aftermath fields, Hot Wire Broke,

Bar 7 J Ranch 145 Blk Angus Cows, Complete Dispersal of coming 6, 7 & 8 yr olds Bred to Larson & Big Dry Angus Bulls, CF: March 20th for 60 days, Home Raised, One Iron

Kelly Kennedy & Burnett Ranch 130 Blk/Bwf Cows, Mostly 3-5 yr olds (few ST), Bred to Klein Blk Angus Bulls or Crump Red Angus Bulls, CF: June thru Fall, Safe Guard this Fall, Down sizing due loss of grass lease

Dennis Williams 145 Blk/Bwf Hfrs, Bred to Low Birth Weight Blk Bulls, CF: March 1 for 40 days, Spring & Fall Shots, Poured, Pinkeye Shot, Home Raised, 1-iron

Rudy Oliver 96 Blk Cows, Complete Dispersal, 3-10 yr olds, Bred to: 50% Blk Bulls/50% Hereford Bulls, CF: March 25 for 70 days, Shots on Jan. 26: Vira Shield 4+VL5, Poured w/Promectin, Been on Complete Mineral Program, Calves topped the market end of Nov. at Torrington Livestock Market

Nichols Ranch 95 Hereford Cows, Complete Dispersal, Ages: 32 – 3 yr olds, 41 – 4 yr olds, 15 – 5 yr olds, 7 – 7 yr olds; Bred to $6,000 to $10,000 Holden Hereford Bulls, CF: March 20th for 50 days, Shots: ViraShield 6 VL5 HB, 1st ScourGuard, Poured, Fancy, One Iron, Home Raised

H & H Ranch 49 F 1 Blk Baldy Cows, 1200#, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: March 15 for 60 days
27 hd –2’s coming 3’s 22 hd—3’s coming 4’s
*****46 Blk Cows, 1200#, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: March 15 for 60 days
26 hd—2’s coming 3’s 20 hd—3’s coming 4’s

Wagonhound Ranch 69 Red Angus Cows, Mx Ages, Bred to Red Angus Bulls, CF: April/May, Shots: Vira Shield 6+VL5, Poured w/Ivermectin

Andy Barnett 70 Blk/Bwf Hfrs, Bred to Arrow Crown or George Ochsner Calving Ease Bulls, CF: April 20th for 21 days, Home Raised, Complete Vac. Program, Pre-Breeding Shots: PregGuard, Poured w/Cleanup, Bwf Hfrs are F 1 X’s

Double OO Ranch 40 Fancy Blk Cows,1200#, 2’s coming 3’s, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: March 20 for 50 days, Home Raised, 1-iron

Diane Hall & Donna Pennington 30 Blk/Bwf Cows, ST, Bred to Reyes, WEBO Angus, Kenn Haas & Ochsner Blk Angus Bulls, CF: March 20 for 60 days, Shots: Vira Shield 4+VL5, Scour Boss 9, Vit. A & D, Poured w/Premectin D

Bud Williamson 30 Blk/Bwf SM Cows, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: March-April, 2 late calvers

Bob Post 25 Mx Cows, Mx Ages, Bred to Conneley Blk Angus Bulls, CF: June/July, Shots: Staybred in Oct.

Limmer Livestock 24 Blk/Bwf Cows, SM-ST, Bred to Blk Bulls & Hereford Bulls, CF: April/May, Complete Vac. Program, NO Scour Guard Shots this Spring

Dan Goddard 13 Blk/Bwf Cows, ST- 10 yr olds, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: March 20 for 60-65 days, Shots: Preg Guard 10 this spring, poured this fall

Robert & Nina Ward 10 Blk/Rd Cows, 4-8 yr olds, Bred to Char & Angus Bulls, CF: March 20, Current on Shots but NO Scour Guard this Spring

Thomson Ranch 10 Blk Hfrs, Bred to Black Bulls, CF: April 1st for 25 days, Home Raised, One Iron

All Natural Weighups
Falls Ranch 70 Mx Cows
Justin Miller 5 Open Cows,

Bob Post 25 Mx Cows

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  • : Torrington
  • : Wyoming
  • : 03/02/2018
  • : Torrington Livestock Markets