Democrats Take the House, Republicans Increase Senate Majority

The 2018 Midterm election saw Republicans make gains in the Senate, primarily in farm-states, while Democrats took back the house through suburban districts across the country.

Some notable wins for Republicans were in Indiana, where Mike Braun (R) defeated incumbent Joe Donnelly (D); North Dakota, where Kevin Cramer (R) defeated incumbent Heidi Heitkamp (D); and Missouri, where Josh Hawley (R) defeated incumbent Claire McCaskill (D). For Democrats in the house, several farm-state districts were flipped in Kansas, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

There are still several races being counted as of Wednesday morning, and the Florida senate race has been put into a recount due to state law.

The 116th congress will see a Democrat controlled house and Republicans increasing their margin of control in the senate. It is yet to be known what committee assignments will be in both chambers.

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