Livestock Board of Trade

Providing Risk Management and Time Saving Service to the Livestock Marketing Industry

Credit Inquiries

The sale of livestock is a big business and with all business comes risk.  The Livestock Board of Trade (LBT) helps LMA members protect their interests and their consignors by staying informed about the trade reputation and financial responsibility of their customers.

When LMA members contact the LBT they find courteous staff that understands their business and is recognized by many Ag lenders for their work with the livestock marketing industry.  The experience and reputation of the LBT helps LMA members get the information they need to make vital business decisions.  LMA members also have access to the LBT’s massive database of information that includes over 115,000 files of information received from LMA members, trade sources and financial institutions.

Contact the LBT for a customized Buyer Registration and Consent Form.  These forms, designed specifically for your business will assist the LBT in getting information to you in a timely manner and navigate the web of banking and privacy laws that can slow the inquiry process.

Call the LBT for more information and your own customized forms at (800) 821-2048.  Members can also fax credit inquiries to (816)891-7108 or send inquiries or questions via email to


All livestock marketing businesses are required to keep an updated tariff on file with the Packers & Stockyards Administration.  The Livestock Board of Trade can greatly simplify this process by helping LMA members create and file their tariffs with the P&S.  Contact LBT today at (800) 821-2048 for more information.