Members Encouraged to Prepare for High Possibility of African Swine Fever to Hit U.S.

Link – Since African Swine Fever (ASF) was discovered in China in 2018, the livestock industry has been preparing for the possibility the disease finds its way to the U.S. LMA members who sell swine should be aware of the disease and the danger it could be bring to the swine industry.

Resources to understand how to prevent and prepare for the disease can be found here.

Additionally, ASF could cause a stop-movement order on livestock if the disease is found in the U.S. The disease only affects swine but can be carried by fecal matter on trailers. All LMA members, particularly those that sell swine, should prepare for a possible stop-movement order.

Members with questions should reach out to their REO or the LMA Government and Industry Affairs team at 800-821-2048.