Midday cash livestock markets

There was a fairly active cattle trade in most areas on Wednesday. Live business in the South ranged from 130.00 to 132.00, $3.00 to 5.00 higher than last week. In the North the dressed business was at mostly 210.00 to 212.00, $5.00 to 7.00 higher than last week’s weighted average basis Nebraska. Some cleanup trade could take place today but it sounds like business may be essentially completed for the week.

Boxed beef cutout values are higher in the morning report. Choice beef is up .20 at 215.37, select is 1.58 higher at 203.58.

Greenville, Illinois Livestock had receipts of 743 cattle on Wednesday. There is no price comparison to the last two weeks. The trade was active with good demand. Slaughter steers choice 2-4 traded from 105.00 on some low dressing kinds to 136.25 for high dressing. Slaughter Holstein steers choice 2-3 from 90.50 to 106.00. Slaughter heifers’ choice 2-4 from 116.00 to 135.50.

Feeder cattle receipts at the Huss Platte valley Auction in Nebraska totaled 4290 head. Compared to two weeks ago, steers weighing less than 800 pounds sold 8.00 to 9.00 higher, over 800 pounds 10.00 to 18.00 higher. Heifers were 6.00 to 15.00 higher. Buyers bid readily from start to finish for all classes of cattle. Some offerings displayed average plus flesh and buyers didn’t shy away from these offerings. It has been several weeks since buyers have been this aggressive in procuring cattle. Feeder steers medium and large 1 averaging 776 pounds brought 149.65 per hundredweight. 765 pound heifers traded at 136.37.

Sioux Falls Regional Livestock at Worthing, South Dakota had receipts of 478 sheep on Wednesday. . Slaughter lambs sold sharply higher than last week in a narrow comparison. Feeder lambs were lightly tested, however 70 pound lambs were 10.00 higher. There was very good demand for slaughter lambs and stock returning to the country, good demand seen for slaughter ewes and feeder lambs. Slaughter lambs wooled and shorn choice and prime 2-3 weighing 148 pounds average 182.00 per hundredweight. Feeder lambs medium and large 1-2 weighing 58 pounds averaged 257.50 per hundredweight.

Source: Brownfield