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Friday, July 16, 2021
All Classes
Starting at 8:00 am MDT with Weigh-ups ;
Feeders and bred/pairs to Follow

Warren Platt 135 Blk few Red Cow Pairs, Complete Dispersal, Running Ages, Tagged to Match (a handful may not be tagged to Match), Exposed back to Blk Bulls since May 25th, Calves at side weigh 200-350#, Calves are Branded, Steer Calves are Knife Cut, Branding Shots: 8-way, One Shot, Nasalgen, Selling only due to extreme drought conditions
Lorin & Paul Smart 90 Choice to Fancy Blk/Bwf Cow Pairs, 3-8 yr olds, Home Raised, Tagged to Match, 1st Calf Born: May 1st for 45 days (mid-April), Calves are branded, Branding Shots: Bovi-Shield Gold 5, One Shot Ultra, Steer calves are banded, Been Exposed back to Bulls since May 24
B & C Land & Livestock 17 Mx Cow Pairs, Tagged to Match, 250-350# calves at side
Don Smathers 32 Mx Cows, Mx Ages, Bred to Red Angus or Hereford Bulls, CF: Fall
Quarter Circle Livestock 10 Mx Cow Pairs, Mx Ages
****5 Mx Cows, Mx Ages, CF: Mx
S6 Livestock 14 Blk Cow Pairs, ST, Bangs Vac.
Latka Farms 13 Mx Cow Pairs, 1335#, SM-ST, Calves at side weigh: 275#
Will Whitlock 10 Blk Cow Pairs, ST, Calves at side: 2 weeks old to 2 months old
WA Livestock 9 Blk/Rd Cows, 3 yr olds to ST, Tagged to Match
Doug Jessen 8 Mx Cow Pairs, Mx Ages, Tagged to Match, Exposed back to Bulls since May 20th
Raymond Jones 7 Blk Cows, Mx Ages, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: Mx
Chad Stevenson 7 Mx Cows, Mx Ages, CF: Jan
Scott Beckley or Crystal Nichols 5 Mx Cow Pairs, 3-SM, CF: Mx
Garrett Smith 3 Cow Pairs, SM, Calves are two weeks old, NOT Exposed back to Bulls, Tagged to Match, Calves are NOT branded
Leonard Nockles 2 Char Hfrs, CF: Fall, Red Tag
Ty Broyles 1 Cow Pair, SM, Calves are two weeks old, NOT Exposed back to Bulls
Clint Broyles 1 Cow Pair, SM, Calves are two weeks old, NOT Exposed back to Bulls

Scott Beckley or Crystal Nichols 5 Mx Hfrs, 550#
Jim Hastings 1 Blk Str, 900#
Mike Manley 1 Blk Str

All Natural Weighups
LO Cattle Co.//Brown Ranch 53 Mx Cows

Evan Pope 90 Mx Cows/Hfretts/ Open and Exposed
TA Ranch 38 Mx Cows
****5 Mx Bulls
Twin Buttes 40 Mx Cows
CJR Ranch 25 Mx Cows
B & C Land & Livestock 23 Mx Hfretts
Latka Farms 22 Mx Hfretts
Garson Ranch 15 Mx Cows
Flying H Cattle 12 Mx Bulls
Jed Combs 12 Bwf/Rwf Cows, Mx Ages, Exposed back to Hereford Bull since June 20th
Barney Ranch 11 Mx Cows/Hfretts
Schmick Farms 10 Mx Cows/Been on Fed
CattleCorp/Richard Leavitt 9 Mx Cows/Hfretts
Doug Jessen 9 Mx Cows/Bulls
Dean & Marika Anderson 7 Red Bulls
Tillard Brothers 7 Mx Bulls
The Joe Patterson Ranch 6 Red/Rwf Cows
Broken Box Ranch 3 Mx Bulls
Roaring Fork Cattle 3 Mx Cows/Bull
Swift Resources 3 Mx Bulls
Dewey Jessen 3 Mx Bulls
Scott Beckley or Crystal Nichols 3 Mx Cows/Bull
Ben Lamp 2 Mx Cow/Bull
David Hansen 2 Mx Bulls
Byrd Family Trust 2 Mx Bulls

Doug Jessen 2 Cow Pairs
Clint Broyles 1 Baby Calf
JBS 1 Baby Calf
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  • : Torrington
  • : Wyoming
  • : 07/16/2021
  • : Torrington Livestock