Pair Special

Friday, May 18th, 2018
All Classes & Bred Cow/Pair Special
Starting at 8:00 am MDT with Weigh-ups

Bryon & Donna Juma 120 1st Calf Hfr Pairs, Tagged to Match View Video

Lance Crowther 80 Blk Cow/Calf Pairs, Partial Dispersal, Calves Born March/April, Tagged to Match, Dispersal of young cows due to dry conditions, Lots of Embro Transplant and AI’d Work Done. $8000-10,000 Bulls (30 is First Calf Hfr Pairs bal is 3-7 yr olds Cow Pairs)

Bill Anderson 75 Mostly Blk few Rd Cow Pairs, ST, Tagged to Mach, Calf Shots: Alpha 7 @ birth, Nice Set of Older Cows with Bigger Calves

Gibbs Ranch 68 Red Angus 1st Calf Hfr Pairs, Tagged to Match, Full Vac Program, 1st Calf born 3/3/18 Last Calf born 5/1/18; Hfr weigh 975-1075#, Bangs Vac, Reputation Herd, Lots of Quality View Video

Hruby Ranch 65 Mostly Blk, few Bwf Pairs, 4-7 yrs old, Tagged to Match, Home Raised, Calves had C & D at Branding

Lazy D Farms 65 Blk/Bwf/Rd Cow Pairs, Complete Dispersal, SS-ST, March/April Calves a side, Tagged to Match, Calves have had Alpha 7 @ Birth, Selling only due to loss of grass lease

Clark Livestock/Mike & Mary Clark 50 Blk few Rd Cow Pairs, SM-SS, Bred to Sim Angus Bulls, Cows Shots in the Fall: Preg Guard 10, PI3 Tested Negative, Tagged to Match, Home Raised, High Elevation

Jack Cobb 37 Bred Cows, Bred to Blk Angus Bulls, CF: June

Tyler Cundall 30 Blk Cows, 3 yr olds, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: Aug 15 for 75 days, Poured May 1, No Shots this spring

Dale Martin 25 Blk Pairs, Tagged to Match, ST few SS, Mar & Apr Calves

Lee Hales 20 Blk/Bwf Cow Pairs, ST, Tagged Match, Calves born in April

Rodewald Ranch 20 Red Angus, few Rwf 1st Calf Hfr Pairs, Tagged to Match, Home Raised, March-April Calves, Pairs will weigh 1250# View Video

Levi Spaedt 14 Blk Angus Pairs, Tagged to Match, Mixed Ages, Feb & March Calves out of an Angus Bull, Calves: 7way, 5 way, Dectomax Injectable, Cows Vaccinated Last Fall
****1 Red Brockle Bred Cow, Bred to an Angus Bull, CF: May-June

Roy Shmidl 10 Blk/Bwf/Hereford Cows, Mx Ages, Bred to Blk Simmental Bulls, CF: May, Shots: Bovi-Shield Gold FP, Scour Boss 9

Charlie Stith 6 Red Angus Bred Cows, Mixed Ages, Bred to Low Birth Weight Red Angus Bulls, CF: May-June

L3 Cattle Co 5 Blk Bred Cows, Mx Ages, Bred to Bill Klein Bulls, CF: May Current on all Vaccinations

David Johnson/AJ Bar Ranch 4 Blk Cow Pairs, Mx Ages, Tagged to Match, Cow Shots: Vira Shield 6 VL5 in fall, Ivomec in Jan. Calf Shots: Vir Shield 7, Vision 7 w/Somnus

Pending 2 Red Hfrs

Cordillia Wenger 2 Purebred Angus Yrlg Bulls, Virgin Bulls, Papers Available

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  • : Torrington
  • : Wyoming
  • : 05/18/2018
  • : Torrington Livestock Markets