What’s ahead for 2018 Farm Bill

Members of Congress tasked with finalizing the 2018 Farm Bill have several hurdles to overcome.

Kansas Senator Pat Roberts will chair the conference committee, and one of his first duties will be to narrow down the list of lawmakers who will participate in the negotiations.

Once conferees are appointed, merging the House and Senate versions will likely be difficult.

The House farm bill includes changes to work requirements within the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.  Senate Ag Committee leadership shot down an amendment to tighten SNAP eligibility restrictions in their bill.

There are also differences over payment limitations, the commodity title, and conservation title.

House Ag Committee chairman Mike Conaway told reporters before the July 4threcess there will have to be compromise and that no one is going to get exactly what they want.

The Conference Committee is facing a September 30th deadline for approving the 2018 Farm Bill because that’s when the current legislation expires.

Source: Brownfield Ag News