What’s the Word on ELD Exemption Status

As the expiration of the electronic logging device (ELD) exemption looms with the conclusion of the 2018 fiscal year on September 30, 2018, an update of the 2019 exemption status seems appropriate. Unfortunately, no concrete news is available for ready distribution. However, we do know certain facts. First, it is highly unlikely that the 2019 fiscal year budget will be passed before the end of the month. As such, even if the government were to shut down or, — the more likely scenario—if Congress passes a continuing resolution to carry the FY2018 budget forward for a number of months, the FY2018 exemption will remain in place. Second, when Congress eventually passes the FY2019 budget there is a strong possibility that livestock haulers will receive an ELD exemption for FY2019.

Keep an eye on the DNB for updates on this situation. Please email LMA General Counsel, Jara Settles, at jsettles@lmaweb.com if you have any questions.