2021 PAC Auction

Click to see what will sell on June 5 at the James E. Ward Agriculture Center in Lebanon, Tennessee!

2021 PAC Brochure

Why support the LMA PAC?
LMA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) is a major tool of LMA’s government affairs efforts. The PAC supports agriculture-minded candidates to get them elected to congress and re-elected. Having a PAC also increases the profile and influence of LMA and livestock marketing issues. In today’s political environment, it’s a reality Congressmen and women are always thinking about their next election. Individuals and groups that help in these efforts immediately rise to a different level in their minds – as well as the minds of their staff. Other groups are certainly using PACs as a tool to gain and keep political influence. In order to be effective in government affairs, it’s important that the LMA PAC continues to be used to build these relationships as well. Members of Congress who have been supported by the LMA PAC see LMA as a partner with which they work together to address livestock industry issues.
Want to purchase an item at the PAC Auction or donate to the PAC?
Contact Chelsea Good at cgood@lmaweb.com.